EP Prefabricated Bathroom Units

In virtually all building projects, toilets and bathrooms have been the most labour intensive operation in terms of quality finishes and accessories installation. Commercial and institutional buildings such as hotels, offices, hospitals tend to have high level of design repetition. Such building facilities require a certain level of skill to satisfy the demand of the architect. Good standards and high quality workmanship are expected in the construction of toilets and bathrooms to avoid maintenance and water-tightness problems.

Bathrooms built by conventional method are a constant painstaking activity to main contractors as the dirty wet work involves many sub-contractors working in a constraint space to meet to the construction schedule. This can be further compounded by the lack of local semi-skilled / skilled workers available in Malaysia, resulting in the influx of foreign labour.

Prefabricated bathroom units (PBU) are a synonym term amongst construction players in Europe. Closer to home, countries like Japan, Korea, Singapore have been adopting PBU’s since the 60s.

PBUs’ utilise dry construction method in which the components are produced in a factory, then assembled and erected at the construction site. Consequently, it results in time and cost savings. Indirectly, PBUs are able to ease our dependency on foreign labour, but ultimately, PBU’s are CONSTRUCTION MADE EASY.

PBUs’ can be adopted in
  • Residential Buildings
  • Institutional Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Hostels
  • Quarters