Track Records

To date, Eastern Pretech has completed almost 1,200 number of precast projects and has been instrumental in numerous award-winning projects. Eastern Pretech products are in-lined with the current need to adopt Industrialized Building System (IBS) and we continue to commit in the realization of the IBS objectives.

Our competitive advantage of experienced in-house engineering team provides simplicity in civil and structural engineering, thus enabling feasible and cost-effective construction solutions, which it is noticeable with numerous projects completed on-time.

Most of our projects consist of commercial buildings, residential, public institutions and industrial buildings. Lately in the past decade, EPM has been actively involved in several prestigious infrastructure projects, which requires high precision concrete products.

We aspire to continue leading the precast industry in Malaysia and to cement stronger relationship with property developers, architects, engineers and contractors in providing fast-track and quality products with high level of technical know-how.